Tourists on the Market and their questions about SA Wildlife

I cannot begin to tell you how much time I have spent over the past few years here on the Market,  chatting to tourists about our magnificent South African Wildlife. Every day I am approached by groups, families and couples wanting to find out more information on and where they can find our fantastic wild animals that are indigenous to South Africa. On a lighter note, its not a very far walk from the market until you find a fat smelly basking seal !

If you could be an animal, mammal or reptile, which one would you like to be? A dog maybe? Maybe you would want to be an elasmobranchii fish such as a shark? Maybe you just want to be a peaceful creature like a pony? A pony is definitely something I would like to be. We have made a list of some of the wildlife we have in South Africa just to give you an idea of what goes through the mind of these smart creatures.
•    Elephant: An elephant is a large mammal that cannot be missed even when attempted. Big on weight and big on life, it is one of the largest creatures in South Africa and throughout the world. Elephants are fairly nice mammals that would do just about anything to save their young ones. They don’t give birth regularly like most creatures or animals, procreating every three to four years. No wonder they are so clingy to their children!
•    Lion: Not called the king of the jungle for nothing, lions are eternal kings of every stage they possess. Wild at heart but tender to their queens and offspring’s, they too fight to keep their territory protected. They live in large groups called prides and this makes it easier for them to hunt. Teamwork is key when it comes to this superiority of lions because female and male lions hunt together. The rewards thereof are a mouthful because after a successful capture of a meal, all the lions dig in for a tasty treat.
•    Leopard: Feisty, sass and opportunist are some of the words that come to mind when you think of a leopard. Its skin matches with the long bushes perfectly giving their prey little to no escape. A tactful animal at heart and fast on its feet, it is likely to outrun any given enemy. Being related to lions, it comes as no surprise how much of a big appetite they have.
•    Buffalo: Unlike most animals that are predictable, the buffalos are not as they pose to be. Big in stature and not the friendliest, they pose danger to humans. It is wise to stay as far away as possible from this African bovine. They are not afraid of any challenge that comes their way as they can defend their territory quite well. They don’t seem to back down from a fight easily either so you might need to be geared up if you going to take a buffalo head on.
•    Rhino: Can you believe that a rhinoceros is named after its nose horn? The horn is the first thing one would spot in a rhinoceros and maybe it is for that reason that they are slaughtered for their horns. It is a sad tragedy that animals have to be killed for something they have in order for people to get monetary gains out of it. The wildlife has come to an ultimate halt because of the constant tragedy that strikes them on a daily basis.
Surely this can’t be what wildlife has boiled down to. We need to take a united stand and stop the killings of rhinos and all other animals. The extinct rate keeps increasing and it is everybody’s responsibility to put a stop to it.
Life begins to be a fulfilling ride when you start helping others, animals included. The best gift is taking a stand for a good cause. Animals need protection too and if we all fight together, the benefit will be rewarding. These are precious creatures uniquely created as a marvel not as a price to be auctioned with.

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