The Zanzibar whispers of Market on the Wharf customers

Spending most of each day at the Market on The Wharf, I get to hear a lot of gossip. Mostly its from disgruntled traders and food vendors…they can tend to be quite a grumpy dissatisfied lot, but I do also pick up on whats trending with the tourists. Where they are planning to visit next, what they have heard about certain places etc. I suppose you could call it eavesdropping…I prefer to just think of it as keeping my finger on the pulse of our clientele. At the moment I’m hearing more and more tourists talking about their plans for Zanzibar and even getting some inquiries myself about the best Zanzibar accommodation. Like I would know ?? But I do try and help where I can, and I do know of a local company called Discover Zanzibar, that offers some really good deals.

I’m not sure if you need vaccinations and malaria shots for Zanzibar, so probably best check that out yourselves. So you have finally got your bikini body and you can’t wait to pack your bags and head to Zanzibar. There is just one problem, there are so many beaches and you not sure which one would you like to visit. So, while you worry about your bikini body, we will worry about making sure you know which beach to visit when you land.
Most of the beaches in Zanzibar also have hotels or resorts so you get to choose accommodation too! Yes, we know, we are amazing.
•    Zanzibar Beach Resort: Zanzibar Beach Resort consists of beautiful a room which is exactly what you looking for when on vacation. Nobody wants to sleep in dirty sheets. Zanzibar doesn’t disappoint as it maintains good housekeeping on a daily basis. The food is also amazing and music lovers will enjoy the place as well. This beach resort has pool parties on regular occasions which are a good platform to network.
•    Diamonds Mapenzi Beach: Diamond Mapenzi Beach is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. This beach has fantastic food and helpful staff who will be sure to attend to your every need. This upscale beach hotel also has specials such as free meals. The beach hotel comes with a spa which a bonus for the women who love being pampered. Diamonds Mapenzi Beach has four restaurants so you don’t have to worry about eating on the same restaurant every day. Diamonds Mapenzi knows how clients like having a variety of choices available and they definitely don’t disappoint.
•    Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort: Royal Zanzibar Resort knows how customers like having a good time. The beach resort has a wide range of cocktails and alcohol which gives customers many options to choose from. This is the perfect location to unwind on all the stress from work, the kids or just life in general. We know how tough it can be. Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort is able to give you royal treatment simply because you deserve it.
•    Paradise Beach Resort: The name says it all, you feel like you are in paradise when you at the Paradise Beach Resort. The staff is welcoming and there are some water activities that you can enjoy too. The Paradise Beach Resort ensures on delivering upmarket food and it doesn’t disappoint because the food on the menu tastes as good as it looks.
•    Emerald Dream of Zanzibar: Emerald Dream of Zanzibar is one of the more upmarket Zanzibar Hotels. It consists of an outside pool and elegant villas that are made to give visitors an above average experience. Everybody is treated like family at the Emerald Dream of Zanzibar. The staff is always willing to help with any hiccup and make it a point that you enjoy your stay. There are also music bands that often play which is a great excuse to sing out loud. So what are you waiting for? Release your inner Tina Turner, we know it is hiding somewhere deep in your voice.
•    Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spa: Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spa is an absolute dream! This resort has stylish villas and also has freebies such as free meals. If a day at the beach is not enough, you can enjoy the water sports they have. The elegant spa is good way of relaxing and massaging your body after a fun-filled day. The body needs to relax too you know. Hideaway of Nungwi Resort and Spa has an ocean like pool which will make you want to come back again. The pool is one of the resort’s highlights and we can’t blame our guests for admiring such a phenomenal creation.

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