Newsflash ! Tombraider being Filmed in Cape Town

Cape Town has long been praised as one of the most beautiful cities on earth, attracting tourist from near and far, but lately the words “destination location” is being thrown around for a completely different reason: The depth and diversity of the infrastructure for professional video production in Cape Town.
With big names such a Universal Studios investing in not only in our city, but our country as a whole, it gives the young and creative go-getters of South Africa the opportunity to dream bigger than ever before.
The quality of video production is on the rise and where, even a few years ago, you could easily tell a locally produced music video from an international one, I now find myself pleasantly surprised and incredibly proud, when a friend, family member, or colleague casually points out that the music video I’m currently obsessed with was produced and performed in South Africa.
Where does all the talent come from all of a sudden? Have we always had it and just needed a little bit of a nudge in the right direction, or are we making great leaps in the quality of our video productions due to more opportunities being available to learn from our overseas counter parts, now much more accessible than before? I guess, as with all things, it is a little bit of both. One thing no one can argue with, is the diversity of talented individuals exploding onto the scene. Cape Town Video Production is one such company which caters to the local South African market as well as assisting international clients with facilitating their productions while in South Africa.
Anything you can conjure up as a challenge they can materialize on the screen, whether you need a web video or are trying to put together the wedding video of your dreams, you don’t have to look further than your local video production companies. Not interested in fairy-tale weddings, but instead trying to find a better solution to train your staff or advertise your brand? Click right here, those same talented geniuses will turn your goals in to reality.
With our economy not always inspiring hope, and joblessness being at what seems to be an all-time low, we need to be motivated by passion. Passion creates drive, and drive encourages ambition and a sense of work ethic. We are continually proving to be worth the investments. The financial investments of the foreigners, who in turn are creating great job opportunities to locals, as actors, special effects artists and even caterers, as well as the investments we have made into ourselves, with time, money and emotion.

Cape Town Video Production Studio work

We are now in a stronger position than ever before to encourage our creative youth to chase their dreams. No longer do we have to see them settle for desk jobs, reminiscing about a time they were young and had big dreams. We can now meet up with our creative friends and acquaintances and listen in awe to their stories of creating, or helping to create the next block buster or television series.
At times the diversity of South Africa is what trips us up. Trying to find our niche in the ever changing environment of people and cultures, but that, exactly that is what makes us such a unique destination location. Not only are the people diverse, but so is the landscape. Each new place and person bring something new and unique to the table. Inspiring the next in ways they never dreamed before.
Create something today! Embrace your own creativeness or of if you need assistance in the creativeness field, you now have some of the best professional video production companies in the industry within reach.

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