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The more healthy alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking, Vaping or E-Cigarettes has a become quite a phenomenon. The industry has literally exploded in the past 2 or 3 years with more and more cigarette smokers switching to this more healthy alternative. It’s impossible to walk anywhere in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront without seeing somebody puffing on an e cigarette. We are happy to welcome Voodoo Vapour as a new vendor on the market. Voodoo Vapour is a Cape Town producer of a high quality range of vape juice with a delightful range of flavours. The company has been in existence for several years and we are happy to welcome them to the market on the wharf. For those unfamiliar with vaping, here are some interesting facts….

It is a well-known fact that over the years, the use of cigarette smoke can be harmful to the body. So it is not surprising that the e-cigarette is fast becoming the replacement for the tobacco cigarette. However there is still a great deal of uncertainty about if the e-cigarette is healthier than the tobacco cigarette. As the e-cigarette is tobacco free and if you are considering changing, these facts may help you in your decision.

How safe are e-cigarettes?

Have we not heard or read somewhere that e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as their tobacco counterparts. This message has been sounded out loud and clear and many users and others believe it.  This statement however is far from the truth.  Recently the “Public Health England” conducted an extensive survey and concluded that e-cigarettes are more than 95% safer than the tobacco cigarette. Furthermore there is no proof that the e-cigarette has killed anyone. In actual fact researchers agree that when nicotine has been separated from tobacco its addictive power appears to be non-existent.   However other studies that have been concluded show that the e-cigarette definitely contains a diversity of harmful and toxic chemicals. So when these chemicals are vaporised and inhaled it must do some damage to the body.

Other studies have revealed that certain e-cigarette brands are contaminated with a high concentration of toxic metals. These metals are:

  • Nickel
  • Chromium
  • Cadmium

These metals could cause breathing problems and other disease. There was a study conducted and published on the safety of two main brands. During this study it was found that hazardous chemicals were found in the e-cigarettes. This included an ingredient that is used for the manufacture of antifreeze.

Many critics were quick to respond that the study was only conducted using two brands of e-cigarettes. This study is not conclusive as there are many brands that are available on the market. The FDA also conducted tests and found that there were 9 contaminating substances in e-cigarettes as opposed to 11,000 contained in the tobacco cigarette.

The “American Cancer Society” is recorded as saying that there will always be a risk when people inhale anything other than fresh air, and it would appear that the use of the e-cigarette is a great deal less harmful than tobacco smoke.

Is it cheaper to use than e-cigarette than the tobacco?

Many smokers make the mistake of comparing the cost of a packet of tobacco cigarettes to that of an e-cigarette. This is a mistake as the packet of tobacco cigarettes is a throwaway item, you buy them, smoke it and it’s finished.

The e-cigarette is not like that, once you have bought it you can use it, refill it and it can last for years if properly cared for. Although the initial cost of the e-cigarette is more expensive, once you have used up the e-liquid you will find that you have saved yourself around half a dozen packets of tobacco cigarettes. The e-cigarette smoker spends as much on e-liquid and new coils in a week as the tobacco smoker spends in one day. Calculating that saving, it will be a very large sum of money you will save in one year. One thing you can be assured of though is that Voodoo Vapours our new vendor on the market is a producer of well regulated and safe vape juice in Cape Town, using only FDA approved flavours and ingredients.

The regulation of e-cigarettes

I feel that the biggest problem involved with the e-cigarette is the fact that there seems to be no proper control with its manufacture. The FDA is in the process of incorporating the e-cigarette under the existing tobacco laws as it contains nicotine. Erika Seward the assistant vice president of the “American Lung Association” was quoted as saying:

 “With e-cigarettes, we see a new product within the same industry — tobacco — using the same old tactics to glamorize their products,”  “They use candy and fruit flavours to hook kids, they make implied health claims to encourage smokers to switch to their product instead of quitting all together, and they sponsor research to use that as a front for their claims.”  Erika Seward

Thomas Kiklas the co-founder of the “Tobacco Vapour Electronic Cigarette Association” stated that the e-cigarette achieves the same purpose as the traditional tobacco cigarette, but with a deal less toxins. He also stated that he would approve any further study to show that the e-cigarette was much safer to use than the traditional tobacco cigarette.

With the number of e-cigarette user on the increase it is still disturbing that there is very little control as to the toxic chemicals that are used in its manufacture.

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