Fantastic New Additions to the Outdoor Market Area

Our outdoor area at the Market on the Wharf was in desperate need of some good quality, stylish and rugged new fixtures to further enhance the experience of our guests to the market. We wanted to design our own weather protected shelters and eating areas, as well as some personalized Kiosks for some of our traders to allow for uniformity and outdoor trading. With Cape Town being one of the hottest cities in South Africa, it comes as no surprise why it has one of the leading fibreglass products and fibreglass moulds manufacturing company in the country. Jaguar Products Pty (Ltd) is a reputable company within the fibreglass and fibreglass moulds industry but what makes fibreglass so special?

Benefits of fibreglass and fibreglass moulds:

  • Non-flammable: The last thing you need is to purchase and use material that has the potential to start a fire. Fibreglass or fibreglass moulds poses no harm of fire ignition and this is a good safety measure to use if you want to build long lasting structures. Building a house is challenging especially if you have children who like playing around the house. This is an excellent to use if you want to have peace of mind around your house and around your family.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Everybody likes nice things but we love having some change in our pockets more. The greatest benefit if not the best is how cheap it is compared to other materials. Unlike steel and carbon, fibreglass proves to be quite cheap. There is a misconception that cheap materials result in cheap product outcomes which don’t last long. Fibreglass may be cheap but that doesn’t mean the end product is dissatisfactory.
  • Strong and longlasting: Believe it or not, fibreglass is quite strong. It can also stand the test of times among severe weather conditions. Bad weather conditions prove to ruin a lot of things but not fibreglass products. Fibreglass does not bend or break which is a good advantage for objects that will be utilized for a long period of time. A boat or an aircraft for an example is made of some form of fibreglass so it won’t make sense to keep changing the material of a boat every time. Using fibreglass in a boat also gives you the amity of not worrying about regular maintenance.
  • Low maintenance: Imagine having material that needs to be verified and changed all the time. That alone is time consuming and is to some degree, wasteful expenditure. Another upside of using fibreglass is how low maintenance they are to sustain. The long-lasting factor proves that they can be used for a long time without having the worry of changing them again.
  • Special characteristics: Another advantage of fibreglass and fibreglass moulds is that you can make it in any form you choose. Some companies like colorful products which stand out while other prefer something a bit more subtle. It all goes with preference really and fibreglass has the benefit of giving you as the customer or client a lot of options.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

The Market on the Wharf is situated in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, a luxurious upmarket development and strives to stay abreast of the ongoing improvements in the area. Although the above benefits prove to be quite stress free, fibreglass and fibreglass moulds need to be changed at least every five years. This is not a train smash since many companies perform planned maintenance with their equipment’s and products. Changing a product or equipment after five years is better and cheaper as opposed to changing it every year. That is why fibreglass is such low maintenance and long-lasting.

Planned maintenance is useful on the basis of company budget policies. When planned maintenance is budgeted for and planned in advance, it shows that proper planning was done on the organization’s side. Fibreglass should not be changed after the amount of years of alteration has surpassed.

It is important that the change in fibreglass should be done within the expected time frame to avoid defective products and an additional waste in funds.

The Market on the Wharf is proud to have renovated and face lifted so successfully. Working with a such a courteous and professional company like Jaguar Products, we were able to get exactly what we needed, from the drawing board and into production. The Jaguar team bring years of experience to the table and were able to gently guide in creating a truly classic range of products for our market that will surely appeal to local visitors and foreign tourists alike.

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